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2015 Reading Challenge Update

2015 has not got off to a good start: illness has struck both me and baby daughter. You can tell if you look around the house that things have not been well: mince pies remain uneaten; the Christmas Cake is still chaste in its virginal icing; my reading pile has not decreased at all after a two week holiday.

I guess debilitating headaches and gripey children have that effect!

Anyway, to prove that I still have a teacherly attitude, I have reduced my reading challenge to a spreadsheet. Colour coded. and I am going to try to embed it here.

Oh! That seemed to work! Cool! Does it update itself as I add to the original Google Docs document? I don’t know.

Instead of trying to pre-fill the grid now, I’m intending to generally read what I want and what is lying around already in my To Be Read pile (certainly to start the year) and then work out where I can slot it in once I’ve finished. I’m hoping not to have to buy or read to many books just to complete the challenge.

I’m also intending to do what a number of people may view as cheating: tick off multiple categories with one book which is why I’ve included at the moment three possible books for each category. Death Of A Salesman by Arthur Miller is a play, banned and Pulitzer Prize Winner,

As an aide memoire to myself – and which may be of help to others too – these links may give options for some of the categories:

Pulitzer Prize Winners

Banned Books (in the UK)

As I finish each book, I intend to update the spreadsheet with links to my reviews of each book.