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You had one job…

I have always hankered for a job where I can sell my words. I think I’m pretty good with words when I want to be. I surround myself with exquisite, delicate, evocative and earthy words on a daily basis. 

So, when I buy a birthday card, a card for which someone has been paid for the quality of their words, it pains me to see this. 

 Edit   I can accept the sequence of fragments as a stylistic pastiche. But the circled comma splices annoys me, especially the second one. They detract from the changes in tone; they lose rhythm and pace; they are just wrong. 

But it is got worse! Turning to the inside of the card, I saw this!


A sentence begun with a lower case letter? A grocer’s apostrophe! From a professional writer! Which was paid for!

I hang my head in shame. 


Apostrophe Catastrophe


Who can spot the mistake on the back of this Paxo Stuffing packet? What would Sundays be like without a roast chicken and the apostrophe police?