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Pure In Heart, Susan Hill


Book 2 in the Simon Serrailler crime series is starting to feel a little like a cross between The Archers and Midsomer Murders. It’s not quite a domestic drama and it’s not quite driven by the police procedural elements.

I’m wondering whether poor Martha Serrailler is long for this world… angels of death seem to be working her care home.


The Measure Of My Days, Florida Scott-Maxwell


So, reading this for my book group. It’s not my usual reading material: non-fiction, no plot or chronology, written by an eighty-two year-old playwright and Jungian psychologist.

It’s not an autobiography, not even a memoir. It is, according to itself, a notebook containing her observations on age and on society. Rambling. Unstructured. Containing a lifetime of knowledge, experience and opinion ruminated upon in the isolation of age.

It’s essentially a blog. And so far we have considered the nature of evil, humanity and age.

As an example, I’ll leave this snippet which I found quite moving.


2015 Reading Challenge Half Way Review

So hopefully the above link has embedded the Google Sheets Spreadsheet into the blog to share how many of the 52 books I’ve read and whether – after a little hiatus – I have managed to keep on track.

Seem to be struggling with the Book Turned Into a Movie category… I’m sure that cannot be too tricky!

World Book Day 2015 Shelfies

So at my school, we are doing this to support World Book Day (5th March): take a Shelfie of your bookshelf. 

Here are mine:Edit



Google Searches

It’s nice knowing the searches which have led people to my blog. Very occasionally I might twist a tag to appeal to those searches. From time-to-time there’s a frisson when I realise someone has googled my blog by name.

And sometimes I worry.

Take a peek at the search engine terms today:

Yes. That does say Valkyrie Cain Porn. Valkyrie Cain. Porn.
Valkyrie. Cain. Porn.

I have certainly blogged about Valkyrie Cain when I’ve reviewed various Skulduggery Pleasant books. I wasn’t keen on the last one I read, Mortal Coil, mainly because of the high and unnecessary (in my opinion) violence. I may have used the phrase torture porn.

I fear though that that was not the sort of discussion that particular googler was looking for!