Google Searches

It’s nice knowing the searches which have led people to my blog. Very occasionally I might twist a tag to appeal to those searches. From time-to-time there’s a frisson when I realise someone has googled my blog by name.

And sometimes I worry.

Take a peek at the search engine terms today:

Yes. That does say Valkyrie Cain Porn. Valkyrie Cain. Porn.
Valkyrie. Cain. Porn.

I have certainly blogged about Valkyrie Cain when I’ve reviewed various Skulduggery Pleasant books. I wasn’t keen on the last one I read, Mortal Coil, mainly because of the high and unnecessary (in my opinion) violence. I may have used the phrase torture porn.

I fear though that that was not the sort of discussion that particular googler was looking for!


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