School’s Out…



It’s been such a long time coming this year…!

So, my plans for the summer?

Possibly flying in the face of the anarchy of Alice Cooper, I fully intend to spend this holiday ensconced in the fold of my family. There have been days in the last year when I left before my daughter woke and returned after she went to bed. Six weeks of daddy-daughter time sounds blissful.

As does six weeks of Mr P and Mrs P time. We’ve found a couple of days which we can have together and it’s been blissful so far. Mooching around. No schedules. No timetable. No teenager. Never has doing nothing been so pleasant!

And there are a few books left to read on my TBR list. See my post here to comment. Of course I had to go into work yesterday. Of all the things I might have left behind… my ereader. Really? Probably the only thing I’d have made the effort to go back in and collect in the first day of the holidays!


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