Baby’s First Food

Baby Daisy’s first home cooked food!

The Book Lover's Kitchen

20140119-133237.jpg It may not look much but this is a very important meal.

This (slightly overcooked, hence the collapse!) baked apple is Daisy Piper’s first home-cooked food!

I’m not counting the carrots she tried last week because she didn’t eat or like them; and whilst she did eat sprouts, I don’t class boiling a vegetable as cooking! This is proper cooking: cored apple, stuffed with dried fruit and sugar and butter to make a caramel-ish sauce to pour over (my part, not Daisy’s: we shared!)

So currently as I blog I have a sated slightly sticky and appley baby sat on my tummy digesting her first home cooked pud.

She ate my cooking with less fuss than her teenage brother!


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