Dear Daisy

My highlight of 2013.

There can be no comparison at all! The birth of my beautiful healthy cheeky baby girl six months ago!

The Book Lover's Baby

Dear Daisy,

I don’t know at what point babies memories become recorded. I don’t really know what my youngest memory is: vague impressions of my grandmother’s – your great grandmother’s – farm perhaps; cooking with my mum for Sunday roasts – my job was to make the gravy and I still make a damn good gravy; Saturday visits to my other grandmother in a pristine house who always had a bowl of Mars Bars and chocolates available. The rhythm of the shipping forecast on Radio 4. Orange juice with sugar in it – seriously, why? Dogs and cats!

However, I figure that you will probably stumble across my blog at some point, Daisy, so this is a little letter to the future for you.

These are the impressions and the feelings that I hope are embedded deep inside you from your first few hours.

You are so loved.

As I…

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