2013 on the blog

So these are my stats from the last year’s worth of blogging!

A good, decent upwards trend here which is great.

Not a wholly unexpected geographic spread of readership at the top: English speaking and Western. But I am impressed that there are significant (for me anyway, probably not for the rest of you blogosphere illuminati) in Iraq and Saudi Arabia!

Some interesting gaps in the overall map though: it’s no surprise that China’s still a blank white gap with its internet paranoia but I want to get more Nigerian views. I adore Nigerian Literature, history and culture so I’d like more followers there. And Greenland. Why can I got get into Greenland?!

And my most popular blog post is about an arcane and archaic grammatical structure.

I am going to change my blog pattern for 2014, I think: currently I have a number of different ones which I have tried to keep focused on individual themes but I’m planning on bring most of those into this blog. The Book Lovers’ Sanctuary will remain just for book reviews; and the Book Lover’s Kitchen just for recipes – mainly because I’d forget things otherwise. The main difference will really be the addition of my incessant gushing and cooing over 2013’s star arrival, my daughter.



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