Read This If You Liked…

So a new thread, a new category for my blog to inaugurate the new year: Read This If You Liked…

I have been marking students fiction writing this past term and, you know how it is, good Assessment For Learning practice dictates that your comments should focus on small improvements like “use a greater range of vocabulary” or “control sentence endings”. Well, my comments tend to be along the lines of “This reminds me of book X. Have you read it?” and “If you write in this style, try reading book Y”. I do the other useful stuff too, I hasten to add! But I do think broadening horizons is important! And showing that even our teenage writings for part of a continuum!

Blog posts in this category will look at linking books together: books of a similar theme, a similar style, a similar narrative voice. And just books that, I think, wholly subjectively, match each other!


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