Return to the Blog?

I feel that I’ve been neglecting the blog recently. So I am making a concerted effort to add more random, meandering and probably inarticulate gabblings – is that even a word? If not, it should be!

Gabblings. I like it!

Anyway, by way of a return, I thought I’d share my most recent purchases:

These are from the Booker Prize Shortlist and it has become something of a tradition that I try to read as many of the Shortlist as possible.

It is expensive – and Waterstones is not the cheapest book shop in the world! – but I’m lucky that my birthday falls where it does!

Colm Tóibín’s Testament of Mary looks interesting, focussing on the humanity of Mary as in mother-of-Jesus.

The Tale For The Time Being has an intriguing front cover and I know nothing about Ruth Ozeki! In all honesty, this and Tóibín were both paperbacks and buy-one-get-one-half-price!

Crace is the one that appeals most from the blurbs. I’m anticipating a thunderously heavy atmospheric novel. The blurb reads thusly:

“As late summer steals in and the final pearls of barley are gleaned, a village comes under threat. A trio of outsiders – two men and a dangerously magnetic woman – arrives on the woodland borders and puts up a makeshift camp. That same night, the local manor house is set on fire”


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