Letter A Week Challenge

I received a gorgeous fountain pen from Mrs P for my last birthday present.

with a beautiful lovely message engraved into the side of it. Now it’s aged a little, the lettering stands out even more!


Now, I want to be able to use it for something more interesting than marking students’ essays and making notes!

I can’t remember the last time I received a letter. One written by hand. And delivered by a postman. There’s the occasional notecard or more let from aunts and grandparents but no letters. In fact, the only correspondence I’ve had recently consist of bills, bank statements and a speeding fine!

These aren’t worth responding to with my lovely pen!

So much communication today is so impersonal, homogenous and uniform! It consists of texts and emails all delivered in the same Times New Roman font; even physical letters are uniformly word processed with perhaps no more than a scrawled signature. Even signatures these days seem to be reduced to mere initials! Or replaced with a PIN code.

Where is the sensuous pleasure of the scratching of the pen nib on paper? The pressure of your fingers holding, guiding and caressing the pen? The flow of thought in your brain to movement in your fingers to marks on the page?

So, I have set myself a target to write a letter every week to someone.

A love letter to my gorgeous wife.

A letter to my children when they’re with their mother.

A letter to my unborn Daisy Piper to be read to her later.

A letter to the aunts and uncles, family and friends that I should have been do much better at keeping in touch with!

If anyone fancies receiving a letter, let me know!!


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