The Book Lover’s Brain, an update

Okay, so following on from a simple query about my medication, I have been ECGed and EEGed and MRIed and the upshot of it all seems to be: try these new tablets!

I don’t actually have another appointment with my neurologist until Christmas Eve but I guess I’ll be summonsed again if the EEG and MRI show anything worrying. Like a lump or a small Irish leprechaun lurking inside my skull.

So, my new tablets are Keppra, small and blue and most definitely nothing at all like Viagra!


Taking them in combination with Carbamazepine is proving interesting: a slight dissociation and sudden tiredness, literally knocking me out at about seven o’clock in the evening the last couple of nights. And some serious headaches pretty constantly.

Still, I’m hoping that once I knock off the Tegretol and take only the Keppra it’ll be easier.


5 thoughts on “The Book Lover’s Brain, an update

  1. I am taking the same combination but since my neurologist started reducing the Carbamazapine and increasing the Keppra things have gone a little wrong! I guess it is trial and error until they find what works as most drugs have some side effects? I hope it goes well for you. 🙂


      1. I am doing OK, tiredness is a nuisance, isn’t it? I have a job related interview at the end of the month also so I would like to be “normal” by then.


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