Winter Is Coming

Having slogged my way through 3 books and 400 pages of the fourth of the Song of Fire and Ice, I have learnt many things primarily that

Winter Is Coming

as the Starks of Winterfell say. Often. All the time!

“My Lord Father has been beheaded as a traitor! Winter is coming!”

“My son has been thrown from a window and an assassin looms over his bed. Winter is coming.”

“I have recurring dreams of crows trying to peck my third eye! Winter is coming !”

“I’ve abandoned my friends and murdered a good man to prove myself to a bunch of outlaws. Winter is coming… And who’s the hottie with the red hair?”

“Paper cut! Winter’s coming!”

“The X-Factor’s back on television. Winter is coming!”

Therefore, I have considered taking sensible precautions.


Food must be stockpiled, hibernation anticipated. After all, Winter Is Coming!




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