Trilogies, Millenium and His Dark Materials

Reading a blog entry about whether to read the Millenium Trilogy back-to-back or with breathing space, I replied with:

“The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo works as a stand alone novel quite well. I read it and had an interlude between that and the remaining two. I found his writing style quite dense and whilst I enjoyed it as a book and loved the character of Lisbeth there wasn’t a huge impulse to devour the others. They sat on my to-read shelf for perhaps a couple of months.

Fire, however, gripped me. I loved Larsson’s courage in reintroducing us to Lisbeth for about fifty pages and then letting her disappear from the story. Along with Blomquist, I ached to see more of her and that alone propelled me through the slightly monochrome overly detailed (perhaps, yes, journalistic) style of writing. And what a cliff hanger! I went straight from Fire to Hornets’ Nest within the same sitting. Treat these two as a single book split in two (which seems very in vogue at the moment, isn’t it Mr George R R Martin?) and enjoy!

On the subject of reading trilogies, I read the brilliant His Dark Materials literally simultaneously. I started with Subtle Knife, left it at home one day and picked up Northern Lights and left both at home another day and picked up Amber Spyglass. They needed re-reading afterwards to sort out!!!”


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